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Hyperinflammation in children during COVID19

Up to this point in the pandemic, COVID-19 infection leading to critical illness in children remains very infrequent. Most children are asymptomatic or exhibit only mild symptoms. However, recently the Novel Coronavirus has been reported as possibly linked to a paediatric hyper-inflammatory syndrome. In the past few weeks, a small number of children have developed a more serious inflammatory condition in temporal association with COVID-19 in the community, often leading to hospitalization, and occasionally requiring intensive care.

SARS-CoV-2 swab positive, as well as SARS-CoV-2 serology, where available just in few patients. Because in some children clinical conditions may rapidly worsen, prompt diagnosis and treatment are crucial to improve their outcome. Therefore, all children with unexplained fever and elevated acute phase reactants, should be carefully followed to detect progression.

In order to better characterize this new clinical phenotype, a joined PReS, ISSAID, ERN-RITA and PRINTO network’s effort has been started aimed to collect clinical and laboratory data of these patients in order to build a registry.

For any further information please contact

Marco Gattorno (Coordinator, RITA-ERN & ISSAID)
Nico Wullfraat (RITA-ERN) Sefi Uziely (PRES clinical affairs)
Claudia Bracaglia and Francesca Minoia (PRES MAS/sJIA working party)
Nicola Ruperto and Alberto Martini for PRINTO

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