PRINTO ongoing projects

Hyperinflammation in children during COVID19

A joined PReS, ISSAID, ERN-RITA and PRINTO network’s effort has been started aimed to run a survey for the collection of clinical and laboratory data of children who have developed serious inflammatory condition in temporal association with COVID-19 in the community.

conect4children (c4c)

PRINTO is partner of the "conect4children" (c4c) initiative, the collaborative network for European clinical trials for children, (c4c) a consortium that aims to enhance the competitiveness of Europe as a critical region for developing medicines for children.

JIA classification study

The PRINTO Evidence-based Revision of the International League Against Rheumatism (ILAR) Classification criteria for juvenile idiopathic Arthritis.

The STARS Trial

The comparison of STep-up and step-down therapeutic strategies in childhood ARthritiS trial (STARS) is a new interventional trial aiming to investigate whether an early aggressive therapeutic intervention in children with JIA, based on the initial start of synthetic and biologic DMARDs (Step-down strategy), is superior to an approach based on treatment escalation conducted following the treat-to-target principle (Step-up strategy).


PRINTO and PRES are conducting a pharmacovigilance project which aims at observing children with JIA for 3-10 years undergoing treatment with MTX or biologic agents in order to collect moderate, severe or serious adverse events occurred.


The PReS Autoinflammatory Diseases’ Working Group, in collaboration with PRINTO, set up a a web-based international registry for Autoinflammatory diseases.

Liaisons with pharmaceutical companies

PRINTO is working with pharmaceutical companies as advisor for trials planning, centre selection, data collection, data analysis and interpretation…

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