Apply for membership: 5 easy steps

The Paediatric Rheumatology INternational Trials Organisation (PRINTO) is a not for profit, non governmental, international research network founded by Alberto Martini and Nicolino Ruperto in 1996, and initially included 14 European countries (about 60 countries, 550 centres worldwide with 1200 members today), with the goal to foster, facilitate and co-ordinate the development, conduct, analysis, and reporting of multi-centres, international clinical trials and/or outcome standardisation studies in children with paediatric rheumatic diseases (PRD).
PRINTO offers to its members the possibility to participate to several collaborative research projects that as of today have lead to the publication of more than 200 peer reviewed papers

If you wish to join the PRINTO group you must complete the following steps:

  1. Read and accept the PRINTO bylaws
  2. Send a request for membership to PRINTO entering your contact information
  3. Enter your Curriculum Vitae information
  4. The PRINTO Advisory council will consider your application
  5. You will be notified about your membership application acceptance


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