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The PRINTO JAMAR Supplement published online in Rheumatology International!

Dear Friends,

it is with great pleasure that we announce the online publication of the Juvenile Arthritis Multidimensional Assessment Report (JAMAR) Supplement in Rheumatology International.

Here are the details of the Supplement:

Volume 38, Issue 1 Supplement, April 2018
Supplement: Cross-cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Juvenile Arthritis Multidimensional Assessment Report (JAMAR) for the Assessment of the Disease Status in Children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: An International Effort by the Paediatric Rheumatology INternational Trials Organisation (PRINTO)
Rheumathology International - ISSN: 0172-8172 (Print) 1437-160X (Online)

You can find all the manuscripts of the Supplement at the following link:

They are also available on the PRINTO website:

For your information, the Supplement includes 49 national manuscripts with the analysis of the cross-cultural adaptation and validation process of the JAMAR questionnaire in more than 50 languages, with a preface and an introductive manuscript describing the methodological approach of the study. 282 healthcare professionals and researchers have been named as co-authors in the Supplement.

Globally, more than 14.000 subjects were enrolled since the beginning of the project, involving 121 centres in 52 countries worldwide.

Thank you all for your important contribution within this study and also for your continuous support to the research activity of the PRINTO network.

Warm Regards

Prof. Angelo Ravelli, MD PI of the study,
Prof Alberto Martini, MD, Nicola Ruperto, MD, MPH for PRINTO

Alessandro Consolaro, MD, PhD (project coordinator)
Francesca Bovis, PhD (PRINTO statistician)
Marco Garrone, Elisa Patrone, Silvia Scala (PRINTO research assistants)

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